New York Times

I am sincerely thrilled to have been asked to contribute art for The New York Times, in this case, a new area called NYTimes/Gender. The assignment was somewhat unusual in that there was no piece even written yet, so was given very simple direction to keep it on theme of female empowerment, and perhaps Spring/warm weather that had finally come to the city after a long Winter. You can see the finished piece on the Illustration page, but here is the original art, which I'm very pleased with.


Denmark, StepIn Books and Little Alice

About a year ago a very charismatic, enthusiastic and slightly mad genius named Aksel Kole contacted me about turning my version of "Alice" into a virtual reality project. Though I understood about 50% of what he proposed, I immediately trusted him and jumped on board. This Winter, I went to Denmark on his invitation and met the incredible team at StepIn Books. I also fell in love with the beautiful city of Copenhagen.

We will be working on this project over the next year, and likely beyond. The Danish Film Institute has approved funding for the first phase of this very ambitious and exciting venture that we are collaborating on for some time to come.

This all involves designers, artists, programmers and a great deal of work. Here they are doing something brilliant as I helpfully comment, "I love it".

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 1.55.49 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 1.57.02 PM.png

David Bowie Is.... Brooklyn Museum

I feel honored to call Tony Visconti a friend and neighbor for quite a few years now, and I am blatantly bragging to say that I got to join him as a VIP in the audience at his talk at the Brooklyn Museum for the "David Bowie Is" exhibition. Tony collaborated with Bowie and other celebrated rock artists of the last few decades, so, Google him and be awed by his talent and discography (as I am).


Biblioteca Civica di Verona

One of the very best assignments I ever had came to me this year from Fondazione San Zeno. I was fortunate to combine my Bologna Book Fair trip with meeting Alessandro and Damir, my collaborators in person. I also was so pleased to meet extraordinary and passionate librarian Anna Malgarise who gave me a tour of this historic library in Verona. There was an exhibit of my work here in the Spring, which was a huge honor. I spotted my calendar in one of the rooms of the library, which was a thrill.


Bologna Book Fair

Delighted that I finally got to the Bologna Book Fair! This year was my first visit. So inspiring, I’ll definitely return again. More pix to come.

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